Late Night Snacks

Late Night Snacks

After all your guests have had dinner and a chance to do some dancing,

a couple hours have gone by without food, how about one of our

late night snacks to top of your event

Mini Chicken and Waffles

Mini chicken and waffle sticks, maple syrup


Sharp cheddar on sourdough
Tray passed to guests

Mini Grilled Cheese
French Fries

Mini cups filled with sea salt fries, garlic parsley mayo

Hot Chocolate Station

Creamy hot chocolate served in barista to go cups with lids
Toppings - mini marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, crushed peppermint candy


Sirloin and cheddar corn tacos. Spicy sauce can be added for those who want a kick!

Chocolate chip cookies served on top of chocolate milk 
Clear cookie bags, milk glasses, napkins

Chocolate Lovers Station

Organic freshly popped, butter and sea salt
Served hot in individual bag

Hot Air Popcorn 

Salame, ham, cheeses, olive, breadstick, focaccia, veggie stick, nuts and fruit
Creatively tucked in individual jars

Mini Charcuterie Jars 

Mini sourdough rolls filled with mesquite grilled B-B-Q beef 
brushed with B-B-Q sauce

B-B-Q Beef Sliders 
All options above can be added to any menu price

Guest Count: 50 to 75 flat rate of $395.00
For every 25 Guests over 75 add a flat rate of $99.00  

Large Donut Wall Display (5 feet x 4 feet)

100 gourmet donuts included 
Flavors to choose from
Classic Raised: sugar, glazed, chocolate, maple, cinnamon crumb 
Old fashion: buttermilk, maple, chocolate, glazed
Cake: chocolate, sprinkle, vanilla, maple
Price for wall including 100 donuts, display table, small to go bags 
Local Delivery set up and pick up 

Add ons to the donut wall display 
Need more gourmet donuts then 100
Add on additional donuts by the dozen $35.00
Filled custard, raspberry and lemon $45.00
50 Glazed donut holes $32.00

Waffle Station

Made to order on site by our waffle chef, gourmet belgium waffles hot off the griddle
Syrup, powder sugar, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, butter
Small plates, forks, napkins
We even supply to-go plates for the guests who are ready to leave!
Minimum purchase for waffle station package serves up to 65 guests $675.00
$5.00 per person over 65 guests